Granite Workshop
Granite Workshop

Company Profile

Granite Workshop was founded in 1998. Since then, the company has steadily expanded, adding new product lines, upgrading the plant with new high-tech computerised equipment and employing additional staff. Currently we have a team of 9 at our 15000 sq ft Glenfield factory.

Our factory is equipped with the most advanced technologies available; all of our machines are Italian and come from well known companies such as Intermac, GMM, and Comandulli. We also added in May a brand new Intermac 5-axis waterjet machine.

About 80 percent of the business is within the Auckland metropolitan area, while Granite Workshop also supplies to kitchen manufacturing companies in Northland and the Bay of Plenty. Occasionally we supply further afield, for example, hotels in Queenstown and Fiji.

Visitors to our premises are invariably astonished at the range of stones we have on display, and the rich, intricate colours they reveal. These subtle hues and textures, millions of years in the making, never fail to please the eye and engage the imagination.

Granite Workshop & the Environment

Granite Workshop takes its environmental obligations seriously. While the products we work with have a low dust component, water is used in the factory to reduce the airborne component and to cool during the cutting process. We recycle our water onsite.

We are committed to using the safest and most environmentally-friendly processes available.

The safety of our team, our visitors and the environment is paramount. Granite Workshop supports Site-Safe best practices.