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Granite Workshop imports its stones from suppliers in Italy,Brasil, India and China, who source from quarries in their own and other countries. At the quarry the stone is cut into massive blocks weighing 20 to 30 tonne, before being cut into slabs measuring approximately 3 x 1.9m. The cut slabs are then polished on one side. A typical consignment from one of our suppliers may contain product from Italy, Finland, Brazil and the Ukraine. The slabs are shipped direct to our factory in containers weighing more than 20 tonne.

We are also exlusive agent for Diamondstone, which is highest quality compondstone imported from Belgium.

Our key equipment consists of bridge saws and a CNC system. These heavy machines use diamond-tipped saws and require substantial volumes of water for cooling of cutting surfaces and dispersal of dust. Bridge saws are the mainstay of our equipment. They are used for straight and mitred cutting. Our newest addition to our plant is GMM Litox CNC Bridge saw, capable of cutting around 20 slabs in one eight hours shift. 

The leading edge of most benchtops requires an edge profile for functionality, safety and appearance. There are many different profiles available upon request, such as square, pencil, half or full bullnose, trapezium and broadway. This is done by our Quasartech automatic in-line polishing machine which is operated by one of our experienced staff.

The CNC machine at Granite Workshop is used to do automatic cut-outs including sinks, curves and engraved draining boards. Each new job first needs to be set up via a CAD (Computer-Aided design) program in the machine’s computer.

While we can source virtually any colour, Granite Workshop has a range of around 60 colours in stock at any time. These are dispersed through the four main types of stones that we work with:

For a special order, Granite Workshop can import slabs of semi-precious stones. These are often specified for luxury homes. These slabs have been individually glued with a resin backing.

Granite Workshop also installs its own products, as these require specialist handling and fitting. An inexperienced contractor can easily damage a benchtop or vanity unit beyond repair if incorrect procedures are used.